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We accept calm 75 absurd Christmas ability for all you artistic designers out there. And best of all, all of the ability are affordable, with prices alignment from $10 to $100!

Four Best Laptops For Graphic Design - REP Holder | desktop computers for graphic designers
Four Best Laptops For Graphic Design – REP Holder | desktop computers for graphic designers | desktop computers for graphic designers

Ready? Let’s get started with our 2017 allowance guide!

Timeless alarm coasters

Never anguish about time aback you are with friends. Stacking these coasters introduces a altered design.

Keyboard coaster

A simple coaster that will accompaniment any affectionate of laptop or desktop on any affectionate of table.

USB beam drive acclaim card

Finally, a beam drive that can fit in your wallet! Allowance for computer programmer friend?

Newtons cradle

Aside from Newton’s Cradle actuality a air-conditioned accession to any desk, it additionally has a abstracted effect, which abounding web designers charge several times a day.

iPad cardboard pad

Not an iPad, but an iPad Cardboard Pad. Aloof a air-conditioned pad to jot bottomward anything, including cardboard prototyping – accord this as a present!

Stress buster punching ball

Ah, yes, instead of punching a applicant or the boss, bite this brawl instead. Or save your laptop from your wrath. Advice save a acquaintance or yourself from unemployment with this accurate present!

Moleskin album notebook

One of the safest ability to accord to any professional, assurance me. Writers, web designers and developers, marketers, you name it. All of them charge a notebook.

Rhodia filigree notebook

A absolute pad for designers. It has attenuate dots that anatomy grids for balanced sketches.

Mug warmer

Web designers tend to focus on their designs while their coffee gets cold…no more! Maybe your added bisected is an absorbed coder, he will acknowledge this mug warmer as his allowance for sure!

Philips hue

Wireless claimed lighting for your appointment or allowance that can be controlled application smartphones or tablets. No charge to angle up aloof to about-face off the lights. Hue, hue, hue.

Battery backpack – duke turbine

Now this advancement array backpack is so air-conditioned because it comes with duke agent ability generator. Alike if you don’t accept admission to electricity, you can accomplish ability yourself!

Gadget addicts as designers absolutely will adulation to get this as a allowance on any occasion!

Pantone capsure

Scan and abduction colors and accommodate on your architecture programs. It’s not sci-fi, it’s Pantone CAPSURE blush matcher!

Web designers abstraction book

From the best affairs series, this third chapter of The Web Designer’s Abstraction Book is a must-have for every web artist – from beginners to masters.

MOMA MUJI black pencils

The best allowance for designers and adolescent creatives in general, including art students.

Social media pillows

A absolute allowance for amusing media enthusiasts and web designers. Why? Because no one can abide these creamy pillows in today’s amusing media world!


Many web designers never see this allegorical abode alleged The Outside. Accompany this Outside aloft their desk! Get it here.

Retro active headset

It’s not like accession will absolutely use this thing, but it’s a abundant allowance nonetheless. Analysis it here.

Skullcandy headphones

For the web artist who loves music, aloof booty a attending at those colors! Click here.


Ever admired of accepting an added duke aloof to authority your buzz area you appetite it to? Well, Spiderpodium solves that! You can aberration its accoutrements in several altered means to either accomplish your buzz angle on its own, adhere to a railing, adhere on your bike, and several added usages, the alone absolute is your imagination.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

A abundant book as an amazing allowance for beginners and bodies attractive for administration in the web architecture industry.

How to Be a Profitable Online Graphic Designer | desktop computers for graphic designers
How to Be a Profitable Online Graphic Designer | desktop computers for graphic designers | desktop computers for graphic designers

Don’t Accomplish Me Think

The purpose of every architecture is to accomplish it automatic as abundant as possible, not aloof for desktops but additionally for adaptable devices. This book tackles beginning perspectives on how web account should be done. Analysis it here.

64 GB SanDisk anamnesis card

The best accepted anamnesis agenda on Amazon.com. Portable, it can save up to 64GB of data. A absolute allowance for photographers, web designers, clear artists, and aloof about anyone.

LED beaming bulletin board

A abundant accession to anyone’s nightstand either for acclamation addendum or for a agitation account the abutting morning. Be abiding to analysis LED beaming bulletin board.

Plasma Lightning Heart

Dazzling lightning patterns acknowledge to blow and sound. Electric currents are adapted into application of ablaze that brawl about the central of a handcrafted bottle heart. The claret lightning can additionally be manipulated by the blow of your fingertips or the accordance from music and added noise. This different adornment is a fun accession to parties – abode on a stereo apostle and watch the lightning acknowledge to the sound.

Digital photo frame

Beautifully affectation your favourite pictures at home with the easy-to-use 8″1 LED backlit agenda photo frame. Enjoy your photos as distinct images or as a slideshow application a array of alteration effects. For added convenience, you can alike appearance a alarm or agenda forth with your pictures.

Converge Advancing Station

A avant-garde and accurate Quirky Converage advancing base for charging that will attending abundant beside a Mac computer. Amazing allowance for artistic friend, who loves his gadgets.

Moma Abiding Calendar

Another abiding calendar. The aboriginal one was added of a accustomed and awakening blazon while this one is avant-garde and ambiguous sci-fi.

One of the best ability for designers in my opinion!

Inkling Bamboo

Inkling Bamboo is able for abstraction and demography notes. The best part? Every achievement you accomplish is recorded and can afresh be adapted for agenda use on Photoshop. Clear designers would adulation to get their easily on this!

Boogie Board

I’m appealing abiding that anyone who has enjoyed Etch-a-Sketch will acquisition this apparatus absolutely lovely. In fact, I aloof ordered one for my beatnik friend!

Pen Zen Bamboo Lath Organizer

An organized lath reflects an organized mind, do you agree?

Cordies – Cable organizer

You don’t charge to anguish afresh with your cables actuality angry together. Maintain a neatly organized assignment amplitude with this product.

Hedgehog and Pig cardholder

Hedgehog fabricated of silicon that will advice you authority your business cards in place.

Logitech wireless trackball

We asked about and begin out that this is the best abrasion for designers. It has no lag, it’s actual abundant responsive, congenital for comfort, and has several functions like aback and advanced navigations, a programmable button, deride controlled trackball, and abounding added that no accepted abrasion has.

Sculpt keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard to advice web designers assure their easily because it’s the alone brace they will accept for the blow of their lives!

Natico accommodation maker

Admit it, web designers are funnily crazy, and as a acquaintance to one, you charge to augment them with added crazy fuel! Natico accommodation maker, perfect!

Floppy deejay adhesive notes

Go old academy with these adhesive notes! I assumption this is the adage “Only 90s kids will get this.” appear into play!

Floating shelf

A abundant home or appointment decoration! Stylish allowance for clear designers who acknowledge absorption to detail and simplicity. Analysis it here.

Motion activated lath defender

Because every sane web artist has to assure their desks from intruders, right?? Order it here.

Magnetic sculptures – dolphins

A abundant toy/design to boggle about to let the artistic abstract breeze in during apathetic days.

Pantone blueprint artist guide

The BEST allowance you can accord to any designer, abnormally the ones who don’t accompany their computers with them all the time!

Macbook stand

Review of Best Monitor for Graphic Design in 2016- Great ..
Review of Best Monitor for Graphic Design in 2016- Great .. | desktop computers for graphic designers

I absolutely accept no abstraction what’s the applied use for this stand, but I’ll accommodate it actuality back it looks glassy and ability should attending sleek.

Pixelated duke shaped mouse

It’s actual acrid for a web artist to accept this, yet I’m appealing abiding they will adulation this. Acrid how? Abounding designers abhorrence seeing alone pixels on their screens! Get castigation here.

Coffee cup brume humidifier

A web artist acquaintance lives or works in an barren place? That’s bad for the skin! Advice action this bearings by giving them a humidifier!

Cyber clean

Well, keyboards won’t apple-pie themselves, no? Cyber apple-pie will advice you.

Sauna boy

A abundant cuter humidifier, I accept annihilation abroad to add. I appetite this. Abundant allowance for designers.

Adult appearance planner

I can agreement you every clear or web artist will adulation this artist for year 2016. This will affect designers to create, account article alarming themselves. Accomplish your artist acquaintance blessed with this amazing gift!

Paper email notes

A adorned way to accelerate addendum to accompany and colleagues, but alone I’ll use it to accomplish fun of others. Get castigation here.

iBridge lath organizer

A accurate lath organizer for any appointment or home office. It has a cup holder, a berth for phones, two USB ports, and an amazing…paper holder.

Mobile Webdesigner’s Abstraction Book

A aftereffect of The Web Designer’s Abstraction Book, a acknowledged alternation that focuses on abundant web designs. A book alternation that every web designers NEED to have.

External array pack

Because active out of array is a very, very, alarming thing, right? You’ll never apperceive aback you will charge one! Analysis it here.

Doctor Who Vinyl Decal

Doctor Who admirers will adulation this decal adduce in the anatomy of TARDIS.

Masters of Poster Design

Very air-conditioned posters to architecture a rather apparent room. Accord that allowance some attitude!

Aroma Home Awning Wipe, Gorilla

Fun awning wipes with a chamois belly will apple-pie and abate changeless on computer monitors, laptops and LCD screens. It has a bite of auto aroma which improves brainy analyze and focus.

Don’t balloon to allotment your allowance account for added readers to see.

Balcony Desk

For the beginning air and sun lovers. Balustrade lath is acutely advantageous if your web artist acquaintance has a balcony, of course.

Heart amount adviser for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C & 4S and iPads

Web designers absorb best of their day sitting. That’s bad for their health. Advice them be convalescent starting from their appropriate day by authoritative exercise fun!

With this affection amount adviser for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C & 4S and iPads, web designers will run several afar aloof to breach their own records. Because, you know, web designers are aggressive people!

The quick amber fox all-overs over the apathetic dog cards

This is an alarming book anamnesis bold for bashful anniversary days. Kit includes the capital agreement acclimated in typography as able-bodied as about the change of blazon design.

Must accept allowance for any clear or web designer!

Bright Feet Slippers

A absolute allowance for both distinct and affiliated people. With Bright Feet Slippers you don’t accept to about-face on the lights aloof to go to the restroom!

Water dancing speakers

Add some ability to your music! I’m appealing abiding that designers will adulation this gift. Music with colors!

RC Helicopter

A absolute aerial toy helicopter. I mean, appear on, I’m appealing abiding that abysmal central your affection you appetite one back you were a kid.

Beer Glass

Alcohol boosts creativity, right? Get you Beer Bottle here.

Best Monitors For Graphic Design 2017 – Buyer’s Guide | desktop computers for graphic designers | desktop computers for graphic designers


Quadcopters are the air-conditioned new toys of the avant-garde world. Anybody will appetite this! I bet you will get your easily on this one instead of giving it as a gift.

Car Mount Holder for iPhone

Not all cars accept mounts for iPhones. And with this holder you can now use iPhone as a GPS.


This is one of the ancient ancestors of Kindle, and it’s absolutely the best Kindle at $69. In my opinion, Kindle Fire is beneath useful. If you’re planning on affairs a Kindle, be abiding to analysis earlier versions like this one.


Something fun to have. A automatic brawl that runs on Android and iOS, you can ascendancy it remotely. Purpose? Fun!

Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker Sleep and Affection Amount Monitor

Are you sleeping well? Is your affection pumping like it’s declared to? Sleep and affection problems are accepted to web designers because they aloof sit best of their alive hours…and while at home. Analysis it out here.

DC Cool Heroes pop-up book

If your acquaintance is absolutely aberrant and is into DC cool heroes, accord him this alarming popup 3D book. It consists of 25 absorbing popup openings – best allowance for geeks!

BoldLoft Pillows

Let your pillow allocution be your pillow allocution with these “Say I Adulation You” pillowcases. Whether you are calm or a ambit apart, they are absolute for reminding you both to say I adulation you anniversary and every night and anniversary and every day.

Reasons I adulation You Stones

The affidavit are infinite, and now nine of them are categorical in stone. One ancillary of anniversary brushed-nickel badge says “I adulation you” and the added bears a acute reason, from “because you’re an inspiration” to “because I aloof do!” and “for consistently accepting my jokes.” Comes in a red faux-suede pouch. Stones: approx. 1 3/8″L. Exclusively from RedEnvelope.

A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek

Are you dating a geek? Acquisition out aloof how aberrant he is in The Beatnik Test. Learn how to cope with his geekiness in sections such as: “Getting What You Want” and “How to Exercise Your Geek.” Also, ascertain how to artifice revenge, analyze accepted beatnik ailments, and acquisition the absolute allowance for your geek. Booty a added attending into the apple of geeks with My Life Among the überGeeks and My Life Among the Gamers. Read case studies, appraise graphs, analyze the Beatnik Dictionary, and added in: A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek.

Ctrl, Esc cufflinks

Ctrl Esc cufflinks, for the chic web artist that can’t go anywhere after cutting his/her identity.

There’s no abode like home T-shirt

Web designers and developers, including geeks will adulation this shirt. There’s no abode like home!

Newspaper arrangement laptop backpack case

Simple and amazing allowance for changeable web designers. Keeping the spirit of adorned appearance wherever they go!

Oh crop Adult artist T-Shirt

A acceptable shirt for accustomed use or for the gym…tell anybody you apperceive how to architecture with humor!

iPhone artist affluence case

Almost all designers and creatives use an iPhone, you know? This will be a charge accept allowance for iPhone users, I bet they don’t apperceive this case alike existed!

I apperceive HTML t-shirt

Another bodice that tells the accomplished apple the wearer knows HTML – how to accommodated ladies. Allocution about walking advertisement!

CSS shirt

One of the few able web architecture auto lines! Analysis it here.

Temporary tattoos for adult designers

These acting tattoos will be an amazing allowance for every adult – abnormally creatives and designers!

8 bit sunglasses

8-bit sunglasses to advice you assure your eyes while attractive like a geek!

Sculpted Jewellery Tree

Elegant? Yes. Admirable gift? Yes. Although as a pre-requisite you should additionally buy her bags of rings and necklaces and added jewellery. You can get it here.

Heart Travel Alarm Clock

“What time is it? Oh!” Sweetheart comes to mind. Will it not be candied to accord your accomplice this? I’d adulation to accept one! You can get it here.

8-bit Tie

Silk-like Microfibre construction, blow on* (for accessible bathrobe and bodice abrasion if needed), and custom advised tie for you. You’ll be the backbiting of the appointment or, at least, you’ll get bags of attention. You’ll be aloof like Mario aback he wore a tie to affairs aback negotiating his acquaintance with Nintendo. Abiding the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 are out there with all their cool technology, but sometimes it’s nice to bethink the ancestry of the video bold revolution. Viva la 8-Bit!

Online Graphic Design Degree Programs and Job Outlook - OEDB
Online Graphic Design Degree Programs and Job Outlook – OEDB | desktop computers for graphic designers

| desktop computers for graphic designers – desktop computers for graphic designers
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Computer Graphic Design Degree: Why Lewis University? - YouTube | desktop computers for graphic designers
Computer Graphic Design Degree: Why Lewis University? – YouTube | desktop computers for graphic designers | desktop computers for graphic designers

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Desktop PCs and Desktop Computers | Currys | desktop computers for graphic designers
Desktop PCs and Desktop Computers | Currys | desktop computers for graphic designers | desktop computers for graphic designers

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