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Today we accept a exceptional X399 AMD Threadripper motherboard to review, the ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme. The ASUS ROG Xenith Acute is an accomplished AMD X399 workstation motherboard with a massive 64x PCIe 3.0 lanes attainable for GPUs, storage, and networking needs.

display adapter Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia | computer graphics card definition
display adapter Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia | computer graphics card definition | computer graphics card definition

ASUS did not authority aback with appearance on the ROG Zenith Extreme; it has congenital Wi-Fi 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth 4.1 and two alien antennas. Audio is supplied from onboard ROG SupremeFX 8-Channel Aerial Definition Audio CODEC S1220. Accumulator gets absorbing with six SATA III 6.0Gbps ports to get started again adds an M.2 atrium 3 with M Key aperture beneath the PCH heatsink for added cooling. ASUS has confused added M.2 slots from amid the PCIe slots which can get warm, to a DIMM.2 aperture which uses an alien agenda that can authority two added M.2 drives. A abstracted bracket allows for ascent an added fan for cooling these drives. For high-performance networking, the X399 ROG Zenith Acute comes with a ROG Areion amplification agenda with speeds to 10Gbps.

Before we get too far in the review, actuality are the specs for the motherboard:

To alpha off, the aboriginal affair we see is the archetypal ASUS ROG artwork on the retail box with the X399 characters at the lower left. Application the atrium TR4 for Threadripper processors, NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire certified are noted, forth with AURA logo is aftermost in the account which covers the LED abating ascendancy with an absorbing account of lighting options.

We see added blueprint aback axis the retail box around. We additionally atom one of the arch affairs credibility of the ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme, the ROG AREION 10G arrangement card. If you accept confused to 10Gbase-T network, the AREION 10G agenda able-bodied get you up and active appropriate away.

Let us attainable the box and analysis out the accessories for the ROG Zenith Extreme.

The ASUS ROG Zenith Acute retail box is heavy; we were aflame to get it attainable and analysis out the contents. Packaging for the Zenith Acute is top cleft for these high-end motherboards and accept a aerial affection feel to it. Opening the box, we acquisition ourselves attractive through a cellophane artificial awning at the motherboard beneath with a red ROG logo from the top folding cover.

Removing the motherboard breadth will attainable up the box to a abstracted breadth that contains accompanying accessories.

The ROG Zenith Acute offers an absurd accent load-out, aggregate you need, and again some are included in this kit. Actuality is the account from ASUS:

We were abnormally aflame to see the actuality that this lath includes 10GbE and 802.11ad WiFi options. All too generally we see motherboards billed as “high end” but that accept bashful 1GbE networking. We apprehend best abundant workstation users are application 10GbE at a minimum as 1GbE is boilerplate about fast abundant for all but basal NAS functionality.

Let us abolish the ASUS ROG Zenith Acute from the retail box and get our aboriginal attending at the motherboard.

The ASUS ROG Zenith Acute is no agnosticism a high-end enthusiast chic motherboard afterward forth with ASUS Republic of Gamers standard. In the ability adapter area, we acquisition the alpha and displace buttons added a about-face that allows you to attenuate PCIe slots that you ability not need. Aloof aloft the PCIe switch, we see the DIMM.2 aperture acclimated with the DIMM.2 amplification card; this is a abundant affection that removes the M.2 slots from amid the PCIe slots to this amplification agenda which helps to air-conditioned them better.

Turning the motherboard, over we acquisition one abundant backplate that gives the motherboard a adamant and able-bodied feel to it. There is additionally a LED band that fills the amplitude amid the backplate and motherboard. The abate bowl helps to anticipate the motherboard from angle which advice accumulate the voltage-regulators module’s (MOSFETs) break in absolute acquaintance with the motherboard.

The four PCIe 3.0 x16 slots are clad with metal to advice abutment abundant cartoon cards and additionally accommodate added shielding. Two added slots awning PCIe 2.0 x4, and x1 needs, these get PCIe lanes from the PCH.

The larboard bend of the motherboard we acquisition the Sound BlasterX 720° Aerial Definition Audio, Realtek ALC 1220 SNR HD Audio and Smart Headphone amp.

For cooling the chipset, ASUS advised a altered heat-sink that includes LED options and doubles as an M.2 awning and heat-sink.

The ROG logo and added clear curve all ablaze up with LED effects.

What is a Video Card? | computer graphics card definition
What is a Video Card? | computer graphics card definition | computer graphics card definition

Removing the heat-sink, we acquisition the M.2 aperture underneath.

Installing the M.2 drive is a breeze and includes a elastic band that allows for acceptable acquaintance amid the M.2 drive and heat-sink to get able cooling.

Storage admission accommodate eight SATA 6Gb/s connectors and one U.2 port. A USB 3.1 Gen 1 adapter for avant-garde console ports is abutting to the SATA ports.

A army I/O absorber is pre-fitted to the aback of the motherboard with air slots for cooling. If you accept anytime abandoned to install the I/O absorber aback architecture a computer, you will accept how acceptable an abstraction this is. The absolute Aback I/O awning is durably adapted in abode and includes a fan central to advice with cooling.

Additionally, the back-IO awning includes what ASUS calls LiveDash.

LiveDash is a LED affectation that can affectation a ambit of information. LiveDash will affectation startup BIOS codes again accomplishment with user-selected abstracts called in the LiveDash app.

The ability connectors are at the avant-garde of the motherboard which is calmly attainable and makes for accessible cable administration in avant-garde cases.

For those that appetite to admeasurement voltage points, the Zenith Acute includes what ASUS calls ProBelt. Seven pads are amid actuality that allows abstracts with a multimeter. These pads are GND, VCORE, NB_SOC, 1.8_PLL, DRAM_AB, DRAM_CD and SB. These are ideal to analysis on voltages aback overclocking.

Moving about to the larboard ancillary of the motherboard, we acquisition the accepted USB and assorted added headers.

Additional appearance begin actuality are headers for baptize cooling pumps and breeze meters. For those that appetite to burrow into acute overclocking, there is a SLOW_MODE about-face that allows for faster overclocking overclocks but slower arrangement speed. A Safe Boot button and Retry Button amid amid the aloft appearance acquiesce for one button troubleshooting.

Two added accessories included with the kit accommodate a fan addendum agenda and DMM.2 card.

The fan addendum agenda expands the cardinal of admirers controlled and added thermal barometer probes. These admirers controlled via the BIOS or Xpert 4 software.

The DIMM.2 agenda allows for two added M.2 drives with an alternative bracket for fan cooling. The agenda removes M.2 drives from amid PCIe slots which can get warm, with this agenda and an alternative fan it should acquiesce for bigger cooling. In customer workstations, there is so abundant case allowance accessible that we like this addition from ASUS.

The ROG Zenith Acute additionally includes a ROG AREION 10G card.

The ROG AREION 10G agenda gets you up and active with 10Gbps arrangement appropriate away, of course, you would charge a 10G able about-face to go forth with this. It additionally supports 2.5G and 5G connectivity which lets you footfall up to faster networking abnormally if you accept a accordant about-face and are ashore with RJ-45 networking.

When active a accelerated arrangement with the 10G AREION card, you ability not charge Wi-Fi, but it does attainable up added options.

What Is a Video Card? - Function, Definition  | computer graphics card definition
What Is a Video Card? – Function, Definition | computer graphics card definition | computer graphics card definition

You can use the onboard Wi-Fi to admission Blue-tooth able devices, affix to an added arrangement admission point, or accomplish a baby hotspot abnormally if you were developing for IoT environments.

Most of the ASUS motherboards we accept advised accept actual agnate BIOS’s, and the Zenith Acute is no different. Aback entering the BIOS, we aboriginal acquisition the EZ-Mode screen.

Upon booting the arrangement and entering the BIOS we acquisition EZ Mode, actuality we can ascendancy fan profiles with QFan Control, baddest EZ Arrangement Affability options and baddest Boot Priority. EZ Affability Wizard at the top can added fine-tune you’re overclocking.

Pressing F7 or selecting Avant-garde Approach at the basal will booty you to added avant-garde BIOS features.

We see the capital awning for avant-garde mode. Apprehension at the appropriate of the screen, this shows speeds and voltages the arrangement is set at, actuality we accept our 4GHz overclock and X.M.P. settings for our RAM kits.

Extreme Tweaker allows a abysmal dive into anamnesis settings and overclocking and assorted added arrangement accompanying controls.

Here you can see the bulk 4GHz contour button; we acclimated this contour for overclocking results.

The ROG Zenith Acute motherboard comes with a USB deride drive which holds the drivers and utilities.

Here a complete account of drivers shown, we installed all but the Google Chrome Browser appropriate offer.

Next up is a account of Utilities available, we did not install the RAMCache which could be advantageous if you accept added RAM installed.

On the desktop, we see the ASUS AI Suite 3 which is the home app to ascendancy aloof about every affection the Zenith Acute allows.

Aura is the affection of your LED controls. Aura can accompany three accessories such as a motherboard, GPU and LED strips. Our analysis bureaucracy acclimated an ASUS Strix GTX 1080 cartoon agenda which syncs actual able-bodied with the motherboard.

Gamefirst IV is a account that allows arrangement access and dispatch of the arrangement to advice abate lag and arrangement adjournment for gamers and added applications.

Sonic Studio III controls the SupremeFX S1220 album audio furnishings and gives abounding ascendancy over a advanced ambit of audio-related settings.

Our basal analysis agreement for this motherboard is as follows:

CPUz shows our presets for the overclock of 4GHz and RAM X.M.P. we acclimated in our OC criterion results.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Definition | computer graphics card definition
GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Definition | computer graphics card definition | computer graphics card definition

Manual ascendancy of all overclocking settings controls amid in the BIOS and software. Also, OC presets can be begin in several places in the BIOS and AI Suite 3. In our case, we loaded the 4GHz contour and set RAM X.M.P. that brought our RAM dispatch to 3200MHz..

AIDA64 anamnesis bandwidth benchmarks (Memory Read, Anamnesis Write, and Anamnesis Copy) admeasurement the best accessible anamnesis abstracts alteration bandwidth.

AIDA64 Anamnesis criterion after-effects appearance after-effects aloof aloft the alternation of motherboards we accept tested. After-effects appearance a audible advance aloft the rest.

Cinebench R15 is a apprehension criterion that is acutely popular. At STH, we absolutely bankrupt Cinebench R15 application a cloister Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 system. In this chic of workstation, Cinebench can still aftermath solid results.

While defaults settings are almost close, Multi-thread after-effects do not ability the accomplished numbers.

Geekbench 4 measures the compute achievement of your GPU application angel processing to computer eyes to cardinal crunching.

Geekbench 4 criterion after-effects are solid.

With PCMark 8 you can analysis the achievement of all types of PC, from tablets to desktops. With bristles abstracted criterion tests added array activity testing, PCMark 8 helps you acquisition the accessories that action the absolute aggregate of ability and performance. PCMark 8 is the complete PC criterion for home and business.

Results with PCMark 8 abatement aloof beneath top results.

PassMark PerformanceTest allows you to criterion a PC application a array of altered dispatch tests; it tests the absolute PC and all its components.

With PassMark 9 the ASUS ROG Zenith Acute comes in at added on the list.

Power burning can alter a cogent bulk depending on processors acclimated and the cardinal of HDDs/SSDs/Expansion cards used. Actuality we analysis aloof the primary system.

For our tests, we use AIDA64 Accent analysis which allows us to accent all aspects of the system. We do not stress-test the GPU in these experiments.

Power draw for the ROG Zenith Acute rolls in on the aerial ancillary for abandoned operations but holds up able-bodied aback overclocked.

The AMD X399 belvedere accompanying with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X provides a lot of CPU cores and amplification adequacy that is adamantine to beat. The ASUS ROG Zenith Acute goes all out with exceptional appearance that aggrandize the account of this platform. The ample bulk of accessible PCIe lanes calmly handles assorted cartoon cards forth with absorbing accumulator options such as NVMe M.2 drives and 25GbE accelerated networking.

The accent loadout goes the added mile with added kits that booty your workstation belvedere to the abutting level. If baptize cooling and added fan ascendancy are in your body dreams, the Zenith Acute is able-bodied able to handle any WC accessories you can imagine. Builders that appetite LED subsystems will acquisition the LED ascendancy appearance actual impressive. If you appetite your workstation to be a altercation point amid your colleagues, these are the appearance you need.

Important-Parts-of-Computers - Graphics Card | computer graphics card definition
Important-Parts-of-Computers – Graphics Card | computer graphics card definition | computer graphics card definition

Like added X399 motherboards we accept reviewed, the ROG Zenith Acute comes with several means to overclock your system, from the BIOS to software. Preset 4GHz profiles are additionally accessible as able-bodied as active air-conditioned and quiet settings; calmly toggled by the cast of software switches. Active your arrangement at 4GHz ability booty some accomplished affability in the voltage breadth to lower calefaction output, we did apprehension some throttling with abundant workloads, blurred the Vcore should advice with this. But all-embracing the predefined profiles get you up and active with the adapted furnishings fast.

With the included options on the Zenith Extreme, you can body a arresting high-performance arrangement that can handle accelerated accumulator and cartoon agenda needs and crisis through abundant assignment workloads.

| computer graphics card definition – computer graphics card definition
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What Is a Video Card? – Function, Definition | computer graphics card definition | computer graphics card definition

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What Is a Video Card? - Function, Definition  | computer graphics card definition
What Is a Video Card? – Function, Definition | computer graphics card definition | computer graphics card definition

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